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Privacy Policy

We appreciate your decision to play at TheSlots Online, which will be referred to as “company”, “we”, “us”, and/or “our” throughout this Privacy Policy. We strive to protect your right to privacy and keep your personal information confidential. Any questions or concerns you may have about this Privacy Policy or the ways in which we collect and use your personal information can be emailed to

Any time you visit our website at, and any time you use our services, you consent to our use of your personal information as described herein. Your privacy is of utmost concern, and this document will explain the type of information we collect from you, how we use it, and your individual rights regarding the collection and use of your data. In the event that you do not agree with anything in this Privacy Policy, whether in whole or in part, please do not continue to visit our website or utilize the services we provide.

This document applies to any and all information we collect through as well as any marketing, events, sales, and related services (referred to herein as simply “services”).

The GDPR and European Users

For users in the European Union (EU), adheres to the laws and regulations set forth by the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation. EU users have the right to:

  • Access information regarding the collection and use of their data;
  • Request personal data or information that we are processing per the Subject Access Request;
  • Have any inaccuracies or incorrect data removed or corrected as long as the corrections are truthful (we reserve the right to refuse corrections if these requests are untruthful or inaccurate);
  • Request copies of the personal data we collect for use with another organization; and
  • Object to the collection and use of their personal data, particularly as it applies to direct marketing.

Personal Information We Collect

Our company collects personal information that you provide to us upon registration/account creation, including your name, address, various types of contact information, passwords, payment methods, and security data. You provide this data voluntarily when you register for our services, when you express an interest in obtaining information about our company or its products and services, or when you participate in activities or services on our website. You also provide this information any time you contact us via telephone, email, or other means.

The extent and type of information we collect may vary depending on your use of our services. Depending on the choices you make and the context of your interactions with our company, we may collect the following:

  • Name and contact information. We will collect your first and last name as well as your email address, postal address, telephone number, and other means of contact.
  • Credentials for our services. We also collect your password, any hints you provide, and various other types of security information used to authenticate and access your account.
  • Payment information. If you choose to make a purchase, we will collect payment information including credit/debit card numbers, expiry dates, and security codes. You store this payment data, and you can view these individual privacy polices by following the corresponding links below:

Information We Collect Automatically

Summary: When you navigate to our website, either via the address bar or a link from another site, we collect information such as your IP address, browser type, and device type.

We collect certain information automatically and it cannot reveal your personal identity (including your name, credentials, payment information, or contact information). It may include your IP address, browser type, device characteristics, language preferences, country and location, device name, operating system, time and date of visit, and information about the various ways in which you utilize our services as well as other information. We collect this data for internal analysis and for keeping our site and services secure.

Like many other companies and websites, this information is often collected through a variety of technologies, including but not limited to cookies.

How We Use Your Information

Summary: Your information is only used for legitimate purposes. We must utilize your information to provide you with certain services, fulfill any contractual obligations we may have with your, and/or gain your consent.

The personal information we collect via our services may be used for several important business purposes. This data allows us to enter into and/or carry out contracts with you, provide you with services you request, provide you with customer service, fulfill legitimate business interests, and comply with legal obligations. You can find the specific ways in which we use your information below.

The information we receive or collect from you may be used to:

  • Create your account and allow you to log in securely. When you create your account via a third party service, or when you choose to link your account to a third party service (including Google, Facebook, and others), the information you provide is used to create your account and provide you with login information throughout the course of our contract with you.
  • Send you promotional or marketing communications. We and our third party marketing partners may utilize the personal information you provide for marketing purposes in accordance with the preferences you specify. Please be aware that you can opt out of our marketing communications at any time, and you can also opt back in at any time. To learn how, see the “Understanding Your Right to Privacy” section below.
  • Carry out various administrative tasks. Your information may be used to send you products or deliver services. We may also use your information to make you aware of changes to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and other documents. Finally, we may use your information to help make you aware of new features that can affect your use of our services.
  • Manage and fulfill product and service orders. If you order products and services from us, we will use your information to process, manage, and fulfill your request.
  • Provide you with targeted advertising. Some of the information we collect may be used to help pinpoint your interests in order to display advertisements that are of greater interest to you. In some cases, advertisements may also be based on location information. Your data is also used to gauge the effectiveness of these targeted ads.
  • Carry out competitions, sweepstakes, and giveaways. From time to time, we may host competitions and offer prizes. Should you choose to enter a giveaway, we will use the information you provide to gauge your eligibility, facilitate drawings, and deliver your winnings to you.
  • Ask for your feedback. We may also ask for your feedback regarding the products and/or services we provide to you.
  • Protect our services. Your information may be utilized for fraud monitoring and prevention (and similar endeavors) to protect our services and keep them secure.
  • Enable communication with other users. Depending on the services you utilize on our site, we may utilize your information to allow for consensual user-to-user communication.
  • Enforce this Privacy Policy, our Terms and Conditions, and for other legal and contractual reasons. We may use your information to enforce the terms set forth in our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy.
  • Prevent harm and/or respond to legal requests. Your data may be used at any time we are required by law to use it, such as when we receive a subpoena or to prevent harm.
  • Maintain your account. To continuously improve our services and the way in which we deliver them to you, including your account services, we may use your personal information for account management purposes.
  • Deliver services to you. When you request a service from our company, we use your personal information to process the delivery of that service.
  • Respond to your questions and provide you with support. If you ask us a question, or if you need support, we will use your personal information to provide the best answers and support possible regarding our services.
  • Carry out other business purposes within the confines of the law. Finally, your data may be used for various other reasons, including identifying the ways in which our users utilize our services, analytics, gauging the effectiveness and reach of our marketing efforts, evaluating our services, and ensuring that your overall experience is a positive one. This information is used and stored in such a way that it is not tied to your individual personal information.

We will never use personally identifiable information without your consent.

Information We Can Share with Anyone

Summary: Your personally identifiable information is only shared with your explicit consent, to provide you with the services and products you request from us, to protect your individual or collective rights, to fulfill business obligations, or to comply with the law.

Your data might be shared or otherwise utilized when:

  • You give us your consent. Your data may be processed and/or shared when you give us consent to do so for a specific purpose.
  • We have legitimate business interests: We may use your data if it is reasonably necessary to do so in order to achieve our business interests.
  • To fulfill our obligations to you. If we have entered into a contract with you, we may share your data to fulfill that contract and our obligations to you.
  • We are required to do so by law. We may be required to share your information to adhere to applicable law in the case of requests from the government, court proceedings and orders, and for various other reasons such as in response to a subpoena. Your information may also be shared as requested by authorities and required by law in order to protect national security or other local security requirements.
  • We are protecting our vital interests. In some cases, we may find it necessary to share your information to investigate and/or prevent violations of this Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions, fraud, and threats to our safety and security or the safety and security of our users. We may also share your data as evidence in any court proceedings in which we are involved.

We may need to share your data or personal information in the following more specific ways:

  • To fulfill a product or service request. At times, a product or service you request may not be fully carried out by our company and may instead require the involvement of a third party vendor, consultant, or other service provider. Some examples of the types of things that may be handled by third parties include but are not limited to data analytics, payment processing, data hosting, marketing, customer service, email delivery, and shipping. Selected third parties may be allowed to use tracking information so they can collect data about the way you interact with our website over time. We then use this data in collaboration with third parties to enhance the services we provide to you and improve the ways in which they are delivered. Your information will never be sold, rented, or traded with these third parties for their own promotional purposes unless it is specifically noted in this Privacy Policy.

In other words, our third party vendors and/or partners may not utilize your personal information without both your and our explicit consent and only for the reasons described herein. They will not share your personal data with any other company or organization, and they will only retain your information for the period of time we specify.

  • To carry out mergers, acquisitions, and transfers. If we negotiate or carry out any sort of merger or sale of our company’s various assets, either in whole or in part, your information may be shared with or transferred to another party during that merger, acquisition, or transfer.

List of Organizations Your Data Might be Shared With

Summary: We will only share your data with specific third parties unless we are required to do so by law.

The information you provide, as well as the information we collect about you, will only be shared with third parties as shown below. These third parties have been categorized so that you may better understand the purpose behind the way we collect, use, and share your data. If you wish to revoke your consent to share your information with these third parties, please contact us.

User Account Registration and Authentication

Facebook Login and Google Sign-In

Web and Mobile Analytics

Google Analytics

Content Optimization

Google Site Search

Social Media Sharing and Advertising

Facebook advertising and Google+ social plugins

How We Use Cookies and Other Tracking Technology

Summary: We may use cookies and various other forms of tracking technologies to collect and store your information.

We may place cookies or other similar tracking technologies, including pixels and beacons, to access, collect, and/or store your information. You can read more about the ways these technologies are used in accordance with your information in our Cookie Policy.

International Information Sharing

Summary: Your information may be used, shared, and/or stored in countries other than your country of residence or nationality.

Our servers are stored in the United States. If you are in an area outside of the United States, you should be aware that we may transfer, store, or use your information in our facilities. Our third parties with whom we share your information may also transfer, store, or use your information in their respective countries.

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), keep in mind that the laws in these countries may differ from the laws in your own and they may not be as comprehensive. We will take every possible measure to ensure that your privacy is maintained in accordance with the law and in alignment with this privacy policy.

EU-US Privacy Shield Framework: Our company operates in compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework developed and enforced by the US Department of Commerce as it applies to the way we collect, use, and store personal information transferred from the EU to the US. Our company has been certified in its compliance and we are committed to ensuring that the information we collect from EU member countries is in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Privacy Shield Framework and its principles. You can visit the US Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield List to learn more about how this set of regulations applies to you.

We are responsible for collecting, sharing, and storing any information we receive under the Privacy Shield Framework, and we act as agents to third parties to which your data may be transferred.

We are subject to the regulations of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as they relate to any personal information we receive or share pursuant to the Privacy Shield Framework. We may be required to disclose personal information if that information is requested by public authorities, whether to meet national or local security or various other law enforcement requirements.

Our Stance on Third Party Websites

Summary: We will not be held responsible for information you share with any third parties who may advertise on our site, but who are not affiliated with us in any way.

From time to time, you may see advertisements from various third parties on our website. We are not affiliated with these third parties in any way, and they have their own unique set of Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. Please be aware that our Privacy Policy does not govern any party other than and it is up to you to review the Privacy Policy associated with any third party website you may visit. We cannot be held responsible for any content you may see or for any privacy or security policies or practices held by these third parties, whether those third parties provide physical products, digital downloads, various services, or others.

Please take the time to review the Privacy Policies associated with any third party website or service you may choose to visit while you are visiting our site, and if you have questions or concerns, contact those parties directly.

How Long We Store Your Data

Summary: We only keep your information for the period of time required to fulfill the various purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy unless required to do otherwise by law.

We only store your information for as long as it is necessary to do so to fulfill the various terms lined out in this Privacy Policy. When we have legal obligations to do with taxes, accounting, or court orders, we may keep your data for a longer period. We will never keep your personal information for any amount of time after you close your account with us.

If there is no further ongoing need to retain or use your personal information, we will delete it or disassociate your personally identifying information from it. If your data has been archived and is being stored in another location, we will store it securely and ensure it is not used for any purpose until the time we can safely and securely delete or anonymize it.

How We Protect Your Data

Summary: We protect your data with a variety of technical security measures and meticulous organization.

In order to keep your data safe and secure, we have implemented numerous security measures – including technologies – as well as organization. We cannot guarantee that the internet is completely secure, however, and while we will do our best to protect your data, you should be aware that when you transfer data to us, you do so at your own risk, and you should never access our site or use our services in an unsecure environment.

Minors and Data Collection

Summary: We will not knowingly collect any type of data or target any of our marketing toward children who are less than 18 years old.

When you visit our site or use our services, you agree that you are at least 18 years old or that you are the parent or guardian of a minor and you consent to your minor child’s use of our services. We will never knowingly collect data or market to anyone under the age of 18 years, and if we discover that we have collected such data, that data will be immediately removed via account deactivation and other security measures. Please contact us right away at if you believe we have collected data from anyone under the age of 18 years.

Understanding Your Privacy Rights

Summary: In many parts of the world, including in the EEA, you maintain certain rights when it comes to the protection of your data. These rights include (i) the right to know which data we have collected and how it is stored as well as the right to request a copy; (ii) the right to have your information permanently removed or corrected; (iii) the right to restrict the way we use your personal information; and (iv) the right to move your data from one organization to another, when applicable. Depending on the situation, you may also have the right to ask that we stop collecting and using any of your personal information. If you wish to make this request, please contact us using the information provided below. As long as your request follows the applicable data collection laws, we will consider your request and provide you with an update of our decision.

You have the right to withdraw your provided consent to use or share your personal information at any time. This does not affect any lawful use or sharing that may occur before your consent is withdrawn, however. If you live in the EEA and you believe that we have wrongfully or illegally processed your information, you can contact your local data protection supervisory authority by visiting

The Information in Your Account

If you want to make changes to the information stored in your account, review the information we have stored, or terminate your account with us completely, you have the right to do so. Simply log in to your account and update it with the correct information or contact us utilizing the methods we provide.

When you request to cancel your account completely, it will be deleted, along with any account information, from our databases as quickly as is possible. However, we may retain some information for the purposes of troubleshooting issues, cooperating with ongoing investigations, enforcing our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, complying with other legal requirements, and preventing fraud.

Cookies and other similar technologies: If you prefer that we do not set cookies in your browser, you can remove or reject them in your browser settings or opt out of our targeted advertising by visiting Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, and turning them off or rejecting them could cause you to lose access to certain features of our services.

Email marketing opt-out: If you no longer wish to receive emails from us or from our marketing partners, click the unsubscribe link located in every email we send or contact us using the details found below. Though we will remove you from our marketing email list, you will still receive emails from us regarding important changes to your account and other administrative reasons as required by law. Otherwise, you can tell us your preferences when you create your account on the website, sign in to access and/or change your preferences, or contact us via one of the options we provide.

Data Breaches and Compromised Security

If we suspect unauthorized access to, collection, use, or sharing of your information, you will be notified as soon as TheSlotsOnline believes you are at risk of harm, whether that harm involves a financial loss or a significant effect on your wellbeing. If we become aware of such a breach, we will investigate immediately and notify the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours. The only exception to this occurs when the data breach is determined to be no risk to any of our users’ rights.

Do-Not-Track Features and Controls

If you choose to do so, you can activate the Do-Not-Track, or DNT, feature inside your web browser. This feature will effectively turn off our ability to use beacons, pixels, and other trackers to monitor your activity on our site. To date, there is no standard for said technologies, and we do not respond to any DNT browser signal or mechanism that attempts to automatically communicate your tracking preferences with our systems. In the future, if such a standard is adopted and becomes law, we will update this policy and inform you of the change.

Specific Rights for California Residents

Summary: If you live in California, you have specific individual rights regarding your personal information.

The Shine the Light Law, or more specifically, California Civil Code Section 1798.83, allows California users to request information about the different types of data we disclose to third parties for marketing purposes as well as the addresses of those third parties. This information can be requested once each year, and it will date back for one full year. If you live in California and you want to make a request, submit it in writing to the address listed below.

In the event that you live in California, you are under the age of 18, and you have created an account to use our services, you have the right to request that we remove any data that you post publicly. Again, to make such a request, contact us via the details below and be sure to include the email address associated with your account as well as a statement showing that you live in California. We may not be able to completely remove your data from our systems, but we will ensure that the data you request is no longer displayed publicly on our services.

Updates to this Policy

Summary: We will update this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to remain in compliance with laws and better protect your privacy.

From time to time, we may update this privacy policy in order to remain compliant with new laws or to inform you of new ways in which we collect, use, or share your data. Please check the “Revised” date associated with this privacy policy and remember that all Privacy Policy revisions go into effect immediately. We may notify you of changes to the Privacy Policy with an email or by posting a notice on our website that such changes have been made. Please review this Privacy Policy from time to time to familiarize yourself with any changes that may have occurred.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you can reach us at