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Cookie Policy

What Exactly Are Cookies And What Is Their Purpose?

Cookies are small pieces of data in the form of small text files, made up of letters and numbers. These small text files are sent to the user’s computer by the web browser. Cookies are a type of Tracking Technologies that allow information to be collected about your online behaviour. When they are activated and allowed to run, they make our Services to you more user friendly. For example, when you visit an online website, Cookies begin tracking your searches so that they remember your personal browsing preferences, like language and settings. Cookies also track your computer or mobile device to enhance your navigation, while at the same time allowing online companies to improve their services to you by customising your personal experience. They are widely used in the online world today mostly because they are help drive web pages work more efficiently, and provide easier navigation between pages. Cookies are also used to collect statistics and perform analytics so as to ensure that the advertisements you see online are relevant to you and your personal interests. These little pieces of data track your interests and allow for online companies to deliver customised tailor made content to you, the user and to advertisers and publishers. Third parties also collect information about you through Tracking Technologies. Should you wish to know more about Cookies, visit

How Tracking Technologies Are Stored

When you visit or access our Services or our websites, Tracking Technologies allow us to continually improve our Services for you. These are called “First Party Tracking Technologies”. In fact, Tracking Technologies are also stored by other third parties like our analytics service providers, business partners and advertisers. These third parties run content on our Services, also called “Third Party Tracking Technologies”. Both these types of Tracking Technologies can be stored for the duration of your visit or at repeated visits.

The 5 Types of Tracking Technologies Used at

  • Strictly necessary Tracking Technologies: This type of tracking device is essential so that the user can login, navigate and enjoy the features that we provide. They are also necessary and convenient for the purpose of logging in by entering a user name. Strictly Necessary Tracking Technologies are used for security purposes and usually permission is needed by the user to activate them. Furthermore, they are important as they detect any violation of our policies.
  • Functionality Tracking Technologies: These Technologies are used to remember user information such as the language you use to navigate and to support other features that form part and parcel of our Service. They are also used for authentication so that the web site remembers when you are logged in.
  • Performance Tracking Technologies: These Tracking Devices accumulate information such as the duration of your visit to a website including behavioural data. Performance Tracking Technologies are used for analytics, research and to accumulate statistical information
  • Marketing or Advertising Tracking Technologies: With these Tracking Technologies, you will see tailor made offers and advertisements specifically delivered to you based on your interests. They are also used for email marking campaigns and also to limit the amount of advertisements delivered to you. These advertisements are usually placed by our advertisers so as to provide an insight about the demographics of the users that see and interact with their advertisements or apps.
  • Social Media Tracking Technologies: Used for social media such as Facebook. They are Tracking Technologies that monitor your “likes” or “shares”. This type of Tracking Technology is hosted by a third party or directly on our Services.

Tracking Technologies – Cookies and Analytics

  • First party Tracking Technologies are used to collect information on how you interact with our Services. They compile reports, offer personalised content, calculate any monies owing to us and lastly, to help us improve our Services for the users benefit.
  • First and Third party Tracking Technology – Cookies that are unlisted and used internally to customise and simplify procedures for the benefit of the user. First and Third Party Tracking Technology works to remember user choices and log in information.

Customising Your Cookie Settings

When you manage and control Cookies by deleting or blocking them, you will cause the ineffectiveness of some of the features and services and they will not work correctly. It is recommended that you read how to manage and control Cookie settings, information which you will find via your web browser. Most browsers will outline information regarding the Cookies by enabling you to see what Cookies are stored on your device and how to block them or delete them individually without affecting the features. It is possible to turn off third party cookies one at a time.